For many companies Slack has become the core, shared workspace. A major driver of this is the large number of integrated services, which gives you and your team the ability to share something from Dropbox, Google Calendar, Skype and many other services all in one place.

Workbot for Slack from Cupertino, Calif.-based Workato wants to push this even further. 

Workato allows you to create custom recipes with over 100 different applications. For example, if there’s an Eventbrite notification, a JIRA ticket issue, or new Xero payment these can all push directly into Slack. Your team can then be instantly pinged about such issues without the need to juggle multiple applications at once.

Integrations include popular services like Salesforce, Zendesk, Expensify, ServiceNow, Jira and QuickBooks. 

Now Workato is offering a new integration of its services into Slack that should help businesses share and stay atop of multiple data points. The goal is to make one’s Slack work a more useful for conversation about relevant content that everyone can instantly share and interface with.

All the Data

The rework includes what Workato calls a “360-degree view of business data.” That’s because it includes information from 100 different eligible applications, which will allow you to tap into information about customers, accounts, employees and other critical data.

Learning Opportunities

The idea is that so much of this information needs to be automated in order for it to make sense quickly without hours of dissecting it. Should this turn out to be popular, it could be a nice upgrade for businesses that must sift through large sets of data. Getting automatic updates that can lead to additional sales or troubleshooting problems can be invaluable once they add up over time.

Smarter Filtering, Automation

The Workato workflow is based on the idea that the service works as a friendly “workbot,” which can prioritize the data you want to see. According to the company the workbot is getting more powerful, with the ability to “cut through spam” with smart filtering that’s based on data values, ticket priority, and customer location. As an example, a company can also tweak these settings and bring in data about past due invoices for more insight about what’s going on with the cash flow.

There’s also the promise of more intelligent automation. Workbot can ping a support manager if a customer has too many outstanding support tickets. Such automation can keep customers from falling through the cracks and ensure that everyone is on top of their game without any extra effort on their part.

Along with the Slack integration, Workato says a similar tie-in is available with HipChat in private beta. You can explore Workato recipes and other details at the company’s site.