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  • How to Make Money with Open Source Software

    One way or another, everyone needs to eat -- and that includes all of you open source people too. Fortunately, there are as many ways to make money in the world of open source as there are people who try it. Here's a run down of the top models.

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  • Hippo CMS Team Inks Strategic Capgemini Partnership

    Software vendors need integration partners. And if one were to choose, these partners should be sophisticated, have a lively and broad Rolodex, be well respected in the sector and be capable of adding momentum to the project at hand. Hippo (news, site), the makers of a Java-based, open source web content management system,

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  • Hippo Embraces Apache Jetspeed's Revival

    The open source ECM vendor Hippo, in an effort to develop a closer relationship with the Jetspeed community, has been busy contributing to this Apache project and even released its own product and support package  for Apache Jetspeed 2.2.   Hippo seems to be on a mission to re-establish Jetspeed's position as the

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