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  • Create Effective Design Principles To Guide Your Enterprise CMS Solutions

    A day in the life of a project manager brings many challenges and frustrations. One of them involves managing the goals of a project so that remain consistent and relevant to the company, user and technologies.

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  • Gartner: Mobile User Experience to Drive Design of Web Apps

    One day the mobile interface will influence everything from the way we collaborate, communicate and design. According to Gartner’s five social software predictions for 2010 and beyond, the mobile web will change the way we think about user engagement, work spaces and the PC-based web.

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  • The Essence of a Successful Persona Project

    Personas are a flexible and powerful tool for user researchers. They're also one of the most misunderstood. When done well, they ensure the team focuses on the needs and delights of their users. Like other effective user research techniques, personas deliver confidence and insights to the team.

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  • Web Apps: Where Business Needs and User Needs Collide

    Right now, in a far off cubicle, someone is designing an e-commerce checkout application. It’s not unusual. There are thousands of existing e-commerce sites with their own checkout applications. And I can bet in the future there will be thousands more. A checkout application usually has the following elements: 1.

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