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  • Brian Reich, little m media

    Messaging Maven Brian Reich: Connecting Passion with Causes

    When veteran communications strategist, writer and speaker Brian Reich has a message to deliver, you can be sure he’ll craft it to resonate, break through the clutter — and persuade. As the managing partner of New York City-based little m media, Reich brings his passion for effective communication to

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  • mike-edelhart

    Tech VC Edelhart: Disruptive Investing for Social Change

    Curiosity may be dangerous for cats and monkeys but it has steered media and digital startup pioneer Mike Edelhart straight to the top of his profession.

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  • GEs Linda Boff Content Created to Help Is What Sells

    GE's Linda Boff: Content Created to Help Is What Sells

    (Ed. note: Just this week, General Electric Co. promoted Linda Boff from executive director of global brand marketing to chief marketing officer. Its goal: to position itself as a digital industrial company. In an interview with CMSWire late last year, Boff said she's committed to making the GE brand "relevant, contemporary and accessible," largely by connecting with its customer. "No one remembers product specs and features. But a great story well told hits home," she said. Learn more about GE's new CMO in this exclusive interview with Bill Sobel, originally published in December 2014.) Linda Boff is a digital explorer, Mad Men enthusiast and modern art lover. She's also executive director of global brand marketing at Fairfield, Conn.-based General Electric, where she's responsible for GE's global advertising and digital marketing along with the company's brand and design strategy.

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  • Steven Rosebaum

    Steven Rosenbaum: Curation Creates Content Magic

    As a high school magician, Waywire Networks CEO Steven Rosenbaum could make doves appear out of thin air with a single wave of his wand.

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  • Phil Lempert

    Phil Lempert: Not Everyone Will Buy Your Product

    Phil Lempert, better known as The Supermarket Guru to his legions of readers, radio listeners and TV viewers, has singlehandedly created an information niche where hunger for knowledge meets food for thought.

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  • Connecting with Bill Sobel

    Call Sprint's Bob Johnson for Social and Mobile CX

    As Chief Experience Officer for telecom powerhouse, Sprint (NYSE: S), Bob Johnson wouldn’t dream of “phoning it in” when it comes to his depth of commitment to customer care.

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  • David Aaker Dont Let Your Brand Become Irrelevant

    David Aaker: Don't Let Your Brand Become Irrelevant

    You may think you know a thing or two about marketing. But odds are you don't know even half as much as David Aaker. Aaker is vice chairman of Prophet, a San Francisco-based marketing consultancy, and Professor Emeritus of Marketing Strategy at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

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  • Carson Tate Do Less and Youll Accomplish More

    Carson Tate: Do Less and You'll Accomplish More

    Carson Tate is a business coach, professional organizer, productivity expert and "spiritual butt-kicker." More specifically, she's the founder and managing partner of Charlotte, N.C.-based Working Simply, a consultancy focused on providing customizable tools, processes and training to increase workplace productivity.

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  • Martha Pease Marketers Forget Silver Bullets

    Martha Pease: Marketers, Forget Silver Bullets

    Martha Pease has spent more than two decades as a marketing, media and strategy executive, building brand value and promoting growth for companies in competitive categories. So she has the experience to recognize that the digital experience has radically changed advertising.

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  • Warby Parker CEO Great CX Starts With Happy Employees

    Warby Parker CEO: Great CX Starts With Happy Employees

    I wear glasses ... and have always been frustrated by the exorbitant cost of both frames and lenses. So I was happy when I had the chance to meet Neil Blumenthal, co-founder and co-CEO of Warby Parker, a lifestyle brand with a lofty objective: to offer designer eyewear at

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  • Ad Pioneer Jane Maas We Never Drank Before Noon

    Ad Pioneer Jane Maas: We Never Drank Before Noon

    Jane Maas is the author of Mad Womenthe true story of what it was like to be an advertising women in the sexy, sexist era of Mad Men.  She clawed her way up from secretary to copywriter to creative director at Ogilvy & Mather and Wells Rich Greene.   But

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  • Want a Great Career Just Create It

    Want a Great Career? Just Create It

    Where do you turn for leadership insight? A lot of people in media and entertainment turn to Heidrick & Struggles, a global provider of executive search, leadership consulting and culture shaping services. And more specifically, they turn to Angela Gardner, who rejoined the firm last November as Partner within

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  • Your Brand is Only as Good as Its Reputation

    Your Brand is Only as Good as Its Reputation

    Ask Karen Spiegel to define a brand — and she'll tell you that it's only as good as its reputation and the people who work there. Spiegel knows a lot about brands.

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  • The Real Mad Man Says Creating Buzz is Not Creating a Brand

    The Real Mad Man Says: Creating Buzz is Not Creating a Brand

    Keith Reinhard is unlikely to confirm speculation that he's the legend behind the legendary Don Draper on AMC's long running Mad Men — even on the eve of the series finale.

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