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  • rushing traffic

    'Business as Usual' Won't Cut It for CX Organizations

    Ask yourself: What’s the first thing you do when you need a product, service or even simply information from an organization? Does anyone still jump in the car and drive over to browse or talk to a salesperson, pick up the phone to get more information, or take time to

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  • Go Big Go Fast with ShortTerm Campaigns

    Go Big, Go Fast with Short-Term Campaigns

    Not too long ago the idea of cloud services as a utility encountered the skepticism of many in IT who had seen too many "Next Big Things" fail to make it beyond the "Next Big Buzzword" stage. Among the skeptics were a number who had themselves led innovation in IT.

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  • Adataos Big Dreams for Big Data

    Adatao's Big Dreams for Big Data

    OK, maybe not rich, but I could foot the bill for a pretty nice dinner. Big promises and big ambitions aren’t a bad thing.

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