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  • Web Ecosystem: Rise of the Grudger Customer

    On the Web a new type of customer is rising. One more and more immune to marketing happy talk. One that wants facts before emotion.In his seminal book, The Selfish Gene, Richard Dawkins explores the idea of the sustainable ecosystem. In one game of life there were three players: suckers,

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  • Web Content: Write for Your Market

    Good business web writers write for the market, not for themselves.That’s the point I tried to get across to a former colleague, who has a long history of reporting for various publications.

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  • Build Your Online Brand with Words

    What you write is what you are, especially on the Web. Yet many business owners only relate their online brands to logos and design, discounting the power of the written word. Your business communicates its brand with every word you use on your website.

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  • Content Analysis: A Prism of Possibilities

    One of the most challenging aspects of any content management initiative is getting a view into all your content. No wonder. If you could see it all clearly, you wouldn’t need content management, right?The content analysis phase of a project can be multi-faceted.

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