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  • Flying Dive

    Tackle Marketing Basics, the Marketing Cloud Can Wait

    Every marketing technology vendor wants to sell you their marketing cloud. Whether its Adobe, IBM, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, Sitecore or SDL — all are making tremendous progress knitting together a comprehensive enterprise-marketing platform.

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  • Content Data Releases SaaS Version of Web Publishing CMS

    Newspapers are in crisis. Anyone with an ear to the ground knows that the industry has reached a watershed. They either adapt to changing circumstances, or do what many have already done – they shut down. The writing is on the wall it would seem – traditional publishers need to

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  • Fresh Insights for Data Portability Group

    The Data Portability Group appears to be trying to regain some renewed community respect by announcing its list of Steering Group Officers. Will it be enough or do we still need to see some real "deliverables" before the respect is regained?Marshall Kirkpatrick from the ReadWriteWeb provides us some insights into

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  • Microsoft to Join!?

    Well, it's official...the world is going mad...Microsoft will announce it's intention to join the The Data Portability group is focused on developing a centralized social graph for every user of social networking technologies. Several weeks ago, right around the "Scoble Affair", Facebook, Google and Plaxo announced their

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  • Data Portability Gets Boost from Google, Facebook, Plaxo

    There have been concerns about privacy and safe management of user data since day one of the social networking phenomenon. Unfortunately, these concerns have been buried underneath the fascination with the exploding popularity of sites like Facebook and MySpace.

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