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    Curated Customer Journeys Level the Retail Playing Field

    The concept of omnichannel retail has taken hold to the point where many businesses have begun exploring the benefits of providing and integrating offline, online and mobile platforms aimed at engaging customers.  This ability to reach out across platforms also opens up avenues for retailers to maximize customer engagement by

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  • remote billboard

    Take Your Message to Your Customers, Wherever They May Be

    In this era of hyper-connectivity, attention spans are down and the number of apps people regularly use is up. While this means that audiences are more fractured across channels, it also means that brands have more opportunities than ever to meet audiences exactly where they are.

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  • a long distance runner

    4 Ways to Boost Google PageSpeed Scores for Better Search Visibility

    If you can’t be found online, you are basically nonexistent. It’s just the reality of doing business in this century. However, it takes more to create an online presence than putting up a website. Websites now need be carefully designed, contain useful content and perform well. Because it is

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  • african american person at a computer

    Why SMBs Are Embracing Marketing Automation

    Marketing automation replaces guesswork with analytics, automates lead nurturing, streamlines lead generation, improves personalization and arguably improves sales. Suffice to say, it's a huge hit. About 49 percent of companies use marketing automation, according to EmailMonday. MarketsandMarkets forecasts the global marketing automation software market will grow from $3.

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    Essential Building Blocks of an Effective Self-Service BI Strategy

    Disruption, then wider adoption: that's the result when Moore's Law meets business intelligence (BI). As BI implementations continue to drop in cost, enterprises increasingly rely on their own home-brewed BI solutions for internal use.

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  • Man prototyping a web app

    UX Has Taken Center Stage in Product Development: 4 Ways to Get Ahead

    We live in a reality in which people are engaged 24/7.  What differentiates the best products and services from the rest are the superior experiences they bring to their users. User experience (UX) has taken a pivotal role in product development.

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  • six cookies

    6-Steps to a Better Business Intelligence Strategy

    Disruption, then wider adoption: that's the result when Moore's Law meets business intelligence (BI). As BI implementations drop in cost, enterprises increasingly rely on homebrewed BI solutions for internal use. As a result, today's companies are confidently pursuing data driven decisions at a fraction of yesteryear's BI budget.

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    What You're Doing Wrong With Email Marketing

    Email marketers are on a continuous quest to maximize the performance of their email marketing campaigns.  With more and more readers viewing emails from smaller devices — particularly on mobile — marketers need rethink their strategies and tools to reach and engage their smartphone wielding customers.

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