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  • two people working on a computer solving a problem together

    Enhance Your Employee Experience: A Collaborative Approach

    Delivering an excellent employee experience starts from the day you hire a new person and changes as their tenure continues.

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  • man working in a cafe on phone and laptop

    Telecommuting Didn't Cause Your Collaboration Woes

    Daisy Hernandez's official title is global VP of product management for SAP Jam Collaboration — in other words, her job ultimately is to sell software. But ask Hernandez about the struggle companies experience trying to foster collaborative environments in a distributed workforce, and she barely mentions technology.

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  • working on a laptop outside in a park

    Digital Workplace Culture: What Works, What's Broken?

    The need for a healthy workplace culture is nothing new.  But as brands wave goodbye to water cooler conversations and welcome emoji-laced messaging, fostering a culture of cohesion and productivity among employees working across timezones is easier said than done. But as Digital Workplace Group researcher Beth Gleba wrote,

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  • couple facing each other working on laptops

    Establish a Strong Collaboration Strategy to Handle Changing Workplace Demands

    The growing number of remote workers means it's more important than ever before to get collaboration right.  Creating seamless communications across offices and departments — regardless of employees’ locations — is critical to identifying and achieving common business goals and objectives. Strong Collaboration Strategies: The Solution to Today's Workplace Demands

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    5 Qualities That Boost Your Collaboration Tool's Agility

    The collaboration space had a busy year last year, with new entrants, vertical solutions and plenty of hype surrounding the future of work.  The combination of technology innovations and an increase in virtual workforces has increased the creativity and focus surrounding workplace communications.

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