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  • The New Digital Divide

    As people grow closer to their friends, family and peers through use of digital, they grow more distant from the establishment, brands and organizations. Digital self-service is a double-edged sword. Although it reduces costs, it creates distance between customer and organization.

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  • Why Google Just Bought Divide

    Yes you can use your Android phone for work and do so with the CIO’s blessing. Maybe the corporate watchdogs aren’t telling you this quite yet, but chances are that they will before long. Why? Because Google just purchased mobile device management company, Divide. Formerly known as Enterproid, Divide

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  • Oh Boy! Disney Bridges the Physical-Digital Divide

    Oh Boy! Disney Bridges the Physical-Digital Divide

    For decades, The Walt Disney Co. has been bridging the divide between animation and live action, as well as physical and on screen realities. Now it may be championing ways to bridge the divide between digital and physical retailing.

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  • The Top Business, Social and Media Mobile Apps of 2012

    From the hundreds of thousands of apps across the spectrum of devices, what have you been downloading and using on your smartphone most this year? CMSWire takes a look at those that have appealed most to us.

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