Yes you can use your Android phone for work and do so with the CIO’s blessing. Maybe the corporate watchdogs aren’t telling you this quite yet, but chances are that they will before long.

Why? Because Google just purchased mobile device management company, Divide.

Formerly known as Enterproid, Divide enables you to keep your work and personal life separate on a single mobile device. This is critical for both employers who need to keep in strict control of their corporate information and for individuals who worry about their personal devices getting accidentally wiped by their employers, should a breach occur.

With Divide IT gets the security and control it needs, including governance and government-grade encryption to protect all business apps and data. Workers, at the same time, are able to enjoy privacy on their personal devices as well as the ability to access a suite of professional-grade business apps to get work done on the go.

This is what BYOD solutions should look and act like.

Small Purchase But Big Move for Google

Steve Brumer, an Enterprise Mobile industry expert and Partner at 151 Advisors, a strategic advisory and consulting firm for global mobile and technology companies, believes that Google’s entrance into the Enterprise Mobile Management market signals an important next step in securing its Android platform for BYOD purposes.

This makes sense because industry experts have commonly referred to Android as problematic for corporate use. And the market seems to agree with them— so much so that Apple devices, which are less popular, overall, outnumber Google OS devices in the Enterprise.

By incorporating Divide’s secure platform, Google might have a chance to ensure that its OS remains competitive in the enterprise market which is rapidly becoming Mobile first.

While there are other apps that also deliver home/work split screens and many of Divide’s functionalities for Android devices, few, if any, offer as elegant and delightful an experience.

Divide is Google’s next attempt to win the Enterprise mobile market much of which remains open, especially because of Blackberry holdouts.

For what it’s worth, some consider Google’s purchase of Divide as simply a talent grab. We say — if so — so be it. Divide was created by former Morgan Stanley engineers who know what it means to keep the enterprise and its assets secure. That’s exactly what Google needs to know how to do.