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  • back to back

    Google and Microsoft Announce Back to Back Email Updates (Again)

    Call us paranoid. Call us conspiracy theorists. But admit it, the timing of Microsoft and Google's email upgrades sometimes feel a bit suspicious, as if both companies keep new email features at the ready in case their competitor makes an announcement. This week was no exception.

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  • Is Gmail Google's Way to the Future?

    Google wants you to keep your files on Google Drive and for you to spend more time in Gmail. So it's raising its game and your experience to help make that happen. And this is no small deal for Google.

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  • Has Google Just Reinvented Gmail

    Has Google Just Reinvented Gmail?

    Over the past two years, there have been plenty of rumors about something very hush hush at Google, specifically something involving the engineers and designers at Gmail. Periodically, there were sightings of something that became known as Project Bigtop. But everything revolved around a lot of speculation.

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