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  • Information Architecture Institute 2008 Salary Survey Results

    Tis the season for breaking resolutions, so it strikes us as fitting that it's also that time for the Information Architecture Institute's (IAI) annual salary survey results. If you recall, last year's survey revealed a minimal decrease in the pay gap between men and women and a slight increase of

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  • Catching Customers in the Sea of Web 2.0

    Businesses need to dig deeper to connect with customers in the expanding sea of Web 2.0 user-generated content.The rapid rise of social networking and blogging is churning out information at record rates, creating a flood of independent ideas, views and expressions.

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  • Intranets: What Staff Really Want

    Staff overwhelmingly want a better organized intranet where they can quickly find people, policies and procedures, and forms.In July 2007 we carried out an intranet survey using our Customer Carewords approach. We gave people a list of intranet tasks and also a list of things they might like to see

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  • Minding Your Vocabulary Leads to Superior Design

    Why can't people just get along? And even more importantly, why can't everyone just see things MY way? Of course I jest (no, really) -- but in the Web world, disagreements in the enterprise often arise from subjective intuition; that is, one's visceral reaction to that not-so-lovely green on the homepage,

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  • Web Redesign is Bad Strategy

    If you're thinking of redesigning your website, ask yourself this question: Am I simply papering over the cracks?Meet the Jones family. There are six of them, not including two big dogs and two cats. Four years ago they moved into a brand new house. It was a beautiful house. But

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