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  • How to Succeed in Creative Operations

    How to Succeed in Creative Operations

    Think of the missed deadlines, bloated budgets and review and approval bottlenecks in your organization and you'll understand: creative operations isn't easy.

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  • What You Need to Know About DevSecOps

    What You Need to Know About DevSecOps

    You may have heard of DevOps but have you heard of DevSecOps? CMSWire speaks to developers, engineers and experts to discover the benefits of DevSecOps.

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  • Stop Settling for IT Mediocrity - & Manage Beyond 'Meh'

    Stop Settling for IT Mediocrity - & Manage Beyond 'Meh'

    To keep up with the speed of business, IT departments need to stop thinking about pinching pennies and using automation and outsourcing to make things cheaper and easier. What many don’t realize is that these practices are stressing organizational infrastructure and making operations mediocre at best.

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  • Seattle Startup Wants to Simplify Your Business Operations

    Seattle Startup Wants to Simplify Your Business Operations

    Usermind CEO Michel Feaster doesn't want enterprise software to look like it was designed for Windows XP or function like it's a Rubik's Cube. Her company has crafted a solution that largely meets those goals, as Usermind offers an attractive and extendable business analytics tool that could be a great

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  • Customer Experience: You Can't Predict the Future But You Can Adapt to It

    The more complex the world becomes the less predictable it becomes. Thus, adaptability is key to success. "Have you ever thought economists were far more confident in their statements about the world than they had any right to be? Well, now there's proof.

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  • Publish is Not Just a Button

    The death of publishing has been heralded for years now as the means to circulate content became easier and more readily accessible with a computer or mobile device.

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  • Web Manager: Top Tasks Versus Tiny Tasks

    Separating the top tasks from the tiny tasks is one of a web manager's most important responsibilities. A major publisher has for the last 30 years published technical books that can be up to 200 pages long.

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  • Web Operations: Maintaining High Traffic Websites

      As organizations build more web applications and bring more people to their website to engage in social activities, the need to keep their website running smoothly is critical. A new book from O'Reilly called Web Operations: Keeping the Data on Time should help you understand how to run these website

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  • E-Book: 10 Management Truths for the Web Age

    It’s half comic, half E-Book authored by Lisa Welchman of Web Operations Management firm WelchmanPierpoint. If you ever wondered about the impact of the web on organizations, and how to examine and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your own web presence -- this quick read is for you.

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  • Gilbane SF: Fundamentals of Web Operations Management

    This year's Gilbane SF started with a day of pre-conference workshops. In one of them -- Managing the Web: The Fundamentals of Web Operations Management -- Lisa Welchman, founding partner of WelchmanPierpoint, discussed the challenges faced by today's web teams.

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  • Great Websites are Boring to Manage

    Great websites help you complete simple, common tasks in a fast, efficient manner. They are boring to design and manage.

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  • Website Management: You Can't Automate Everything

    The biggest challenge a website manager has is to understand how humans work, not how content management software or search engines work. I recently did a workshop with a bunch of engineers in the audience. I was explaining the essential need to understand your customers by observing their behavior.

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  • How Many Webpages Can One Person Manage?

    The Microsoft Office Online team that manages the Excel website has five people and looks after about 1,000 pages. That's 200 pages per person. We are still in the early stages of web management. Many web teams lack authority and resources. This generally results in very large unmanaged websites.

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  • Web Content 2008: Solid Web Infrastructure Needed

    Lisa Welchman's keynote speech on Web 2.0 and Web Operations Management was one of the top five sessions of Web Content 2008 (according to evaluation forms). Her message was simple, yet profound: you can’t do anything cool on the Web if you lack mature Web Operations Management practices. These practices

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