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  • A female hand is holding a smart phone in a stadium to take pictures of a sporting event

    The Power of Geofence Marketing

    How marketers can leverage geofence marketing to engage customers with personalized, localized and real-time messaging.

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  • woman shopping with her phone

    Proximity Marketing Should Feel Like Customer Service, Not Advertising

    At the most basic level, proximity marketing begins in one of two ways. Either you, (as a marketer) contact the customer or they contact you. Generally, it’s been you messaging them. Of course, more of the right data could make push messages more effective.

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  • woman with cell phone by shopping area in winter

    Are You Listening to Your In-Store Shoppers? Amazon Is

    Today’s shoppers move comfortably between physical and digital. They browse merchandise, then research alternatives. They handle products, then check reviews. Online touchpoints are integral to the purchasing journey. The problem for brick-and-mortar retailers is Amazon has a huge advantage in the digital domain because it has multiple in-store touchpoints.

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  • man walking in a retail area

    How Beacons Will Advance Personalization and DX in 2017

    Refining personalized customer journeys is a priority for web content management (WCM) and digital experience (DX) platforms in 2017 — and although artificial intelligence is the technology best positioned to help — beacons will also play a pivotal role in feeding those learning machines with uncharted data from the physical world.

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  • mobile phone user

    4 Things You Think You Know About Location Services (But Don't)

    Mobile apps are becoming more advanced in their use of location services. Just consider the breakout success of Pokémon Go, a virtual reality game that requires users to turn on location services to play. Nothing more clearly shows how important location can be to app user engagement.

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  • sales aren't enough to build customer loyalty

    The Retail Curse of Promotion-Driven Marketing

    In the retail industry, the primary objectives remain the same for the majority of brands: offer an inviting assortment of goods or services paired with a compelling pricing strategy to your target demographic to push goods out the door and keep customers coming back for more.

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  • Gimbal Beta Tests Mobile Location Data SSP

    San Diego-based Gimbal, a mobile engagement and location intelligence company, wants to help mobile app publishers better understand and visualize their audiences in the physical world and monetize their anonymized, opted-in data. The company just released a public beta of its new Proximity Data Platform (PDP).

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  • mobile marketing

    Rover Claims Its New Platform Makes Location-Based Marketing A Snap

    A location-based mobile marketing startup just released a new version of its platform — and it promises the redesign will bring new functionality and simplicity to the lives of marketers and app publishers. Toronto, Ontario-based Rover claims the update eliminates the complexities of location-driven marketing.

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  • Lake View Building Duluth MN

    Why Retailers Need to Add Digital Value to Legacy Malls

    The first indoor mall in the United States opened its doors in Duluth, Minn. just about 100 years ago — July 20, 1916, to be precise.

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  • hitchhiker

    Brands Are Finding Their Way With Location Data

    Brands have been using location data to improve marketing campaign targeting and clearly measure subsequent in-store visitations for a few years now. But location data has the potential to inform an entirely new set of business decisions.

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  • beacons on buses

    Beacons Hitch a Ride on Double-Decker Buses

    The next time a double-decker bus passes you by, it might just send you a coupon for the restaurant you’re about to enter or for the store across the street. No longer relegated to in-store placement, beacons are on the move — and could be coming your way soon.

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  • AREA360 location-based product

    Everyone Wants in on Location-Based Services

    Location-based services (LBS) using beacons, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile technologies have been touted as a way for marketers to make money for the retail industry.  But recent trends are showing that other industries are getting in on the action, for other purposes.

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  • time flying above a man

    Locating Your Customers in the Real World

    When analytics first gained traction, retailers considered activity involving websites, cookies and links proxies for understanding consumer interest. Analysts interpreted visitor metrics based on these elements to show that a customer displayed purchase intent, a purchase or curiosity.

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  • Where Are You The Beacons Know

    Where Are You? The Beacons Know

    Smartphones have become more advanced — and so has the promise of using them to deploy sophisticated location-based marketing technologies. Location-based marketing is generally defined as the intersection of people, places and media.

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