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  • a meeting of generations

    Where Innovation Management and Big Data Meet

    Like many of the technological advances businesses must wrap their heads around, innovation management and big data each seem like big ideas to assimilate.  But they're actually a dynamic duo for companies to embrace together. Data Is Everywhere We're all overwhelmed by data — this is news to no one.

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  • touch screen art

    Smart Workplaces Make Smart Products

    With technology advancing at a breakneck pace, companies must change their vision of the future — and their strategies for getting there.  It's no longer about keeping up, it's about breaking new ground and working smarter to create smart products.  The Future Is Now Smart technology may have room to

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  • unhappy dog

    Remote Working Isn't For Everyone

    There are many people who would love to work remotely but when the rubber hits the road, they either hate it or they’re just not good at it.  How so? Well, some personalities are better suited to it than others — and it’s not who you think.

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  • waving goodbye

    Goodbye Spreadsheets, You Had a Good Run

    Not too long ago spreadsheets were a viable solution for managing company data — even for major corporations. But times have changed.  The dynamic business environments we work in today create data at a rate unfathomable 10 years ago.

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  • two pencils on a blank yellow background

    Innovation Management Tools For Any Business

    Innovation is necessary for all forward-thinking businesses, but that doesn't mean sitting around waiting for a "lightbulb" moment to happen.  For innovation to succeed, it must be as intentional as every other business endeavor you undertake — which means you need tools to make it easier and keep your efforts

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  • virtual reality demo

    Digital Tools Help Us (When We Let Them)

    Technology improves our lives and jobs in numerous ways, yet some organizations still resist change and are wary of adopting new technology.

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  • owl in flight

    Let Go Of Your Viral Marketing Dreams

    There’s a lot to be said for the ability to predict trends based on cognitive algorithms. But you know what? This tactic is reactive.  We focus so much on redirecting consumer attention based on what’s come before and fail miserably at shaping trends and directing consumer attention ever forward.

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  • photoautomat on the street

    6 Unexpected Ways to Automate Your Workplace

    A new infographic from Samanage proves that automation is no longer IT-exclusive — it’s something businesses across all industries can and should embrace.  Here are six ways automation can save you time and money, while allowing you to focus on the more important things: 1.

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  • shifting needle

    Move the Needle on Your Digital Marketing Smarts

    If your company isn’t thinking digital first when it comes to marketing, the time to hesitate is over.  Your audience wants you to be digitally savvy, because they most likely are, too. And capturing their attention requires keeping up with new trends and a consistent, knowledgeable approach overall.

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  • Who Wants .pizza? Brand SEM as Google Strategy

    The explosion of generic top-level domains (gTLDs) has begun, with forward-thinking brands having already snapped up their domain names of choice.  If this rush turns out to be more than just a fad, how can your brand use it to create a search engine marketing (SEM) advantage? The Rise of gTLDs Gone are the

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  • on break, checking the phone

    Think Outside the CAPTCHA Box

    Mobile devices make our lives easier. But they also open us up to increased potential for fraud and security issues.  Verifying mobile device users is something all businesses should be thinking about, especially as more of our activities — both professional and personal — are conducted via apps.

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  • view from above

    The Art of Competitive Intelligence in a Connected World

    Competitive intelligence spans everything from how your competitors are building relationships on Twitter to the multichannel methods they use to retain customers.

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  • angry woman

    Why Are You Ignoring Angry Customers?

    Technology has transformed almost all aspects of business operations, but one area still needs attention in many companies: social customer service.  In today's consumer-centric world, when online reviews or social comments can bolster or sink a business, no business can afford to ignore an angry customer.

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  • googly eyed robots

    Automation is Awesome: Bring On The Machines

    Robots have a bad reputation. Remember WALL·E? Or Ex Machina ? It’s usually a sort of depressing, and often creepy, world we're referencing when we talk about machines with a personality and intellect.

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