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  • Ingeniux CMS Review (v7)

    Ingeniux is a smallish U.S. vendor with a solid feature set, a mature business posture and a steadily growing list of enviable clients. Here's a background snapshot on the company and our review of release 7 of the Ingeniux Web CMS product. The Ingeniux CMS Story Vendor Ingeniux Corporation Product

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  • Web Publishing Roll Up: A New Year of Redesigns and Trends

    Web publishing in 2010 is proving to be as exciting as 2009. And this year, publishers are wasting little time. Redesigns, funding and trends for what’s to come in the next millennial decade are all making headlines. Redesigning for Advertisers USA Today has unveiled its second website redesign in less

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  • Quark + SharePoint = New Multi-Channel Publishing Solution

    You are constantly being told that SharePoint is more than a simple document management and collaboration solution. It's a platform. Well here's an example of just what SharePoint (news, site) is capable of when it is leveraged as a platform. Microsoft teamed up with Quark (news

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