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    Why OData May Be a Marketer's Best Friend

    Marketing, as a discipline, used to be tied to communications — a career for the 'creative' types. And while creativity is still very much a part of it, marketing has shifted to incorporate more scientific, technical and strategic responsibilities.

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  • Open Data Standard for the Web Takes a Step Forward

    If you have ever thought, “If I was defining standards, I would have never done it that way.” Here is your chance. Open standards organization the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS ) announced it is accepting participants for its newly created technical committee, the OASIS

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  • Microsoft Creates New Website for Open Data Protocol

    Microsoft announced the new website at MIX10 this week, continuing their efforts in open standards and interoperability. Unlocking your Data OData, the Open Data Protocol, is a protocol from Microsoft for querying and updating data. You may remember hearing "Astoria" Protocol or ADO.

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