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  • OOXML Winning the ISO Standards War

    Try as some might to stop it, it looks like Microsoft may soon be celebrating the official recognition of its OOXML document standard as an international standard by the ISO.The International Standards Organization has rejected several appeals challenging the ratification as OOXML as an international standard. The ISO approved the standard on April 2 subject to no

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  • MS Office to Support ODF Before OOXML

    Microsoft may still be riding high from obtaining ISO certification for its OOXML specification in April, because they are now openly offering to support ODF in their Office 2007 productivity software. It's a ploy, some open source camps are whispering. It's about time, says others. Supporting Open XML Microsoft achieved ISO 29500

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  • OOXML Format as an ISO Standard - The End of ODF?

    Big news for Microsoft as they find themselves the proud parents of an ISO 29500 certified OOXML specification -- almost. The ISO -- International Organization for Standardization's approval of the Open Office XML specification was officially announced on April 2.

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