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    4 Basic Steps to Getting Results From Tech Investments

    If you've been in this industry long enough you know that much, if not most, spending on information technology falls short of the hoped-for results. This has always been the case. And dealing with it has always been difficult, no less so in today’s technology-centric world.

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    Do Collaboration Apps Make Employees Less Productive?

    Remember when siloed email was the biggest problem enterprise collaboration tools tried to solve?  That seems almost quaint in the face of the current onslaught of team messaging apps in the enterprise.  With all the buzz surrounding Slack, Microsoft Teams and Workplace  by Facebook, you’d think the challenges of productivity, engagement and

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    Avoiding the Siren Call of the 'Perfect' Digital Workplace

    Since before the turn of the century, people have been looking for a way to make a digital workplace.  From portals to collaborative platforms to Enterprise 2.0 tools, a continuous wave of tools has appeared, each seemingly searching for a problem to solve.

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    Is Your Digital Workplace Initiative Like a Yak Cheese Pizza?

    Here’s my hunch about the productivity paradox: When it comes to truly implementing transformational technology, companies are unintentionally faking it. Yak Cheese Pizza and Failed Technology I once went trekking in Nepal for several weeks. Day in and day out, my diet was the local staple of dal bhat

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    Has Productivity Slowed or Are We Using Outdated Measurements?

    For years economists and business people alike have debated the "productivity paradox" — asking how the same technology that connects people and information seamlessly can also slow down our workplace productivity.  I have a theory: they're asking the wrong questions. Correcting How We Define Success Maybe it’s because I was

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    Digging Into the Productivity Paradox #SocBizChat

    Software, software everywhere and not a drop to drink.  Every day it feels as if a new app is released into the digital workplace ecosystem which promises to make employees more productive, more efficient, more valuable.

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    4 Ways to Achieve Your Productivity Goals in 2017

    As the year draws to a close, there’s one thing at the top of everyone’s to-do list: 2017 planning. While organizations typically strategize new initiatives and budgets, they also resurface long-standing goals like enhancing productivity.

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    The Collaboration Community's Big Dirty Productivity Secret

    Central to the business case for any intranet or enterprise social tool is the promise of productivity. Making information easier to find and streamlining tasks can, the sales patter goes, release thousands of hours of staff time to be used more effectively.

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    5 Places Where Social Collaboration Tools Help Business Processes

    Social and collaboration tools in the workplace get a chance to shine when put to work to improve specific business processes.  It's not about transparency for transparency's sake. Or an opportunity for shameless self-promotion.

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    You Can Have Your Robots and Keep Your Employees Too

    Robots are all the rage in the media these days.  Almost every story, whether news or fiction, says the same thing: robots are coming for our jobs. A few claim that robots will bring about a new age where humans are elevated into new jobs in existing and as of yet

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    Pursuing Productivity in the Face of Growing Complexity

    The introduction of information technology promised new heights of efficiency and quality in work.  But here we are in 2016 and the push-button, 30-minute-workday world is not only unrealized, it’s no closer to our current reality than when it was first envisioned. What Do Productivity Tools Do? I have a

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    Video Killed the Enterprise Productivity Star

    I used to love when a substitute teacher walked into my classroom when I was in grammar school, because instead of taking notes about chlorophyll and atoms, we’d get to watch Bill Nye the Science Guy and Reading Rainbow.  Students weren’t very productive on substitute teacher days.

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    Digital Workplace Design Needs a Human-Centered Approach

    For knowledge workers dealing with non-routine problems or projects, the effectiveness of the tools they use to work together plays a key role in their productivity.

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    How to Escape the Productivity Paradox

    In 1987 economist Robert Solow summed up the dichotomy between slowing productivity growth in the U.S. economy in the face of a hundredfold increase in computing capacity by saying, "You can see the computer age everywhere but in the productivity statistics.

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