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  • How to Interpret the Gartner ECM Magic Quadrant

    How to Interpret the Gartner ECM Magic Quadrant

    Gartner provides an excellent picture of each ECM vendor’s general health, impact on the ECM market, ability to fulfill its own objectives and overall breadth of offerings. But its analysis is market- and vendor-focused, rather than implementation- and customer-focused.

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  • Quick Start Guide to Selecting Information Management Solutions

    Quick Start Guide to Selecting Information Management Solutions

    Deb Lavoy recently argues  that IT’s approach to providing enterprise software solutions is not effective. IT often buys complex enterprise software platforms and then starts a “science project”: "Most enterprise software is more like undertaking a science project than buying a product that solves a problem.

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  • Quick Start Guide to Archiving Documents in the Cloud

    Quick Start Guide to Archiving Documents in the Cloud

    What is an Archive? An “archive” is a system that at minimum: Securely stores documents; and here I use “documents” as shorthand for user content, including email, docs, social media and web pages Retains the documents as long as needed Purges documents when they are no longer needed for

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  • Quick Start Guide to Enterprise Mobile Capture

    Quick Start Guide to Enterprise Mobile Capture

    A few things to know about enterprise mobile capture before you jump in: One example -- there’s a huge difference between different kinds of mobile capture opportunities.

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  • Be Pragmatic to Succeed in Information Governance

    If I had to encapsulate in one phrase everything I’ve learned about doing information governance (IG) and related disciplines over the last 20 odd years, it’s that you should be pragmatic.

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  • Quick Start Guide: Forming an ECM Governance Body

    An enterprise content management (ECM) program of any complexity requires some kind of formal governing body -- called variously an ECM Team, Center of Excellence, Center of Expertise, etc. -- but it’s hard to know where to begin.

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  • Quick Start Guide to Enterprise Content Management Usage Patterns and Solution Options

    Planning and rolling out enterprise content management (ECM) for your organization can quickly get bogged down and complex unless you streamline the process early on. If you can define a standard ECM portfolio with clear “routes” for supplementation and other customization, this process will be much easier.

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  • 4 Steps to an Effective Enterprise Information Management Business Case

    The most interesting trend I saw last year from the perspective of our content technologies consulting practice was the increase in clients asking us -- rather than vice versa -- to provide them with an enterprise information management (EIM) strategy (rather than an enterprise content management, records management, content management,

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  • What Enterprise Content Management Technologies Do Manufacturing Companies Use?

    Manufacturing and “heavy industry” have much in common with respect to their enterprise content management (ECM) habits, and comparing your own organization against a wider peer group may help get you out of the status quo rut you may be in.

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  • Enterprise Document Capture Initiatives, the Right Way

    The highly public and underwhelming rollout of probably has many of you reflecting on whether your own organization’s complex IT initiatives will avoid similar problems of scale and complexity.

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  • How to Get from 1998 Style Records Management to Information Governance for 2018

    Are you still struggling with the records management problems of 1998? You're not alone. Here are what we might call 2013 and 2018 information governance problems: The digital landfill problem. We have 50, or 100, or 1,000 TBs of documents all over the place in our various systems. How do we sort through it all and responsibly retain or dispose appropriately within our budget constraints? The “systems of engagement” problem. How do we do information governance on our dynamic, sometimes chaotic “systems of engagement”? They

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  • How to Succeed at Mobile Content Management

    Right now, many organizations are planning to dramatically increase their use of mobile-enabled content management (MCM) -- providing document management, imaging, workflow and other ECM capabilities to folks using mobile devices. Let's look into how to select, plan and roll out your MCM opportunities.

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  • How to Succeed at Email Management if You're a Midsized Organization

    All companies share a concern in reducing the cost and risk of unmanaged email. While the general approach I’m recommending works for large organizations, midsized organizations -- with terabytes or tens of terabytes rather than hundreds of terabytes of email to manage -- are a different animal.

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  • A Four Step Methodology for Defensible Disposition

    Does defensible disposition intimidate you? Follow these four steps to banish your fears. Defensible disposition primarily consists of developing and then executing four pieces: 1. The Defensible Disposition Policy 2. The Technology Plan 3. The Assessment Plan 4. The Disposition Plan 1.

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