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  • three young women sitting on the ground at an outdoor concert

    Marketers: Are You Ready for the New Crowd?

    We went into quarantine making fast changes, and we’ll come out the same. Marketers' task is to identify recent digital practices that made our lives easier.

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  • Three CX Consultants Share Strategies in Connect

    Three CX Consultants Share Strategies in 'Connect'

    As marketing shifts from campaigns and brand-building to analytics and cross-channel personalization, there's growing importance in understanding and shaping each customer's experience.

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  • Are You Winning the Marketing Revolution

    Are You Winning the Marketing Revolution?

    If you choose to ignore the changing times, you may be left behind like Barnes & Noble or Blockbuster. Traditional outbound marketing -- broadcasting a single message to the masses through online or offline channels -- is failing.

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  • 5 Barriers To Successful Digital Marketing

    Ron Person has done more than 800 short assessments and probably 30-plus in-depth assessments regarding digital marketing maturity. He's compiled a list of 12 barriers to digital strategy success that came from interviews and audience polls. He's gathered input from more than 100 chief marketing officers, directors and digital strategists.

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  • Get Breakaway Marketing Efficiency with Four Engagement Metrics

    Engagement must be the next new thing in digital marketing. I see the term used everywhere in print and at conferences, but it is usually referring to what marketing should have always been doing anyway -- involving potential customers so they increase communication, build trust and form commitment.

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