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  • Do We Have to Keep All This Darn Data?

    Not everything lives forever, including records, reports and that oh so carefully crafted content. Enterprises turn to data archiving vendors so they can retire legacy applications, but still remain compliant in the event of an audit.

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  • Getting Big Data Smart with Nara Logics, Solix, Actian

    “Big Data” and “Small Returns” are two labels you won’t find together in marketing literature all that often. But the reality is that’s exactly what many companies are finding as they venture onto the pastures of computing’s third platform.

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  • These Trends are Driving Structured Data Archiving

    The growing use of Apache Hadoop, increasing data warehouse volume sizes and the accumulation of legacy systems in organizations are all factors fostering structured data growth. To manage it, organizations are being forced to look at data archiving and how to get non essential data out of mainstream enterprise applications.

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