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  • Bottlenose 3 Introduces Reader and Newspaper Modules

     Most dolphins have acute eyesight, both in and out of the water, and they can hear frequencies ten times or more above the upper limit of adult human hearing. This may explain why Bottlenose’s new release aims to make it easier to find and filter information across social streams. With

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  • Streamline Your Social Media with Bottlenose Sonar

    It was only 5 or 6 years ago that Twitter and Facebook were introduced, but for some, the endless connectivity has already become burdensome. For those looking for a way to streamline their social media feeds, Bottlenose has introduced a smarter way to “surf the stream.

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  • Using a SONAR for Enterprise Social Networking

    Seems like we can't get enough of that Facebook social network these days. Not only do we constantly hear about all the consumer-based solutions that want to emulate and even overrun it, we now have to contend with vendor after vendor offering their enterprise 2.

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