Bottlenose 3 Introduces Reader and Newspaper Modules

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 Most dolphins have acute eyesight, both in and out of the water, and they can hear frequencies ten times or more above the upper limit of adult human hearing. This may explain why Bottlenose’s new release aims to make it easier to find and filter information across social streams. With Bottlenose 3, more than 30 new features work to improve the way users can connect with more types of social accounts, discover and respond to more than 140 kind of messages, and interact through more user friendly interfaces.

Two New Apps, Better Sonar

Most, if not all of these new and improved features were the result of feedback from Bottlenose’s more than 50,000 beta testers, who have spent an average of 60 minutes a day using Bottlenose. Still in Beta, Bottlenose has released two completely new apps, "Reader" and "Newspaper," as well as an improved version of Sonar, powered by Bottlenose's platform, called StreamOS.

Some other key features aim to provide users with functionality similar to competitors, like Hootsuite, including:

Linking Multiple Accounts

Bottlenose allows you to link multiple accounts to your Bottlenose account. For example, you might have two Twitter accounts, and three Facebook accounts, that you want to keep up with in the same Bottlenose account. This is useful for keeping up with several accounts in one place.


Learning Opportunities

Collaborating with Teams to Manage Social Media Accounts

If you work with a team to manage social media for your organization or for clients, you may want to collaborate on that process by giving several people access to the same accounts. Bottlenose enables simple team collaboration today, and this feature area is on the list for improvements in the future.

Filtering Out Messages You Don’t Want to See

Users can filter out text, content from particular people, content by people without enough followers, content from specific networks or content of a specific type.



From here, Bottlenose will continue to improve its usability and functionality based on feedback from its beta testers. So if you’re among them, get to it -- test away! If you’re not, there are two ways to get in presently: with an invite code (CMSwire readers can use getsonar) or if your Klout score is greater than 30.