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  • Doing DITA Content Management the Canadian Way

    Looking for a content management system that enables to you author and publish DITA-based technical documentation? Take a gander over this way. Canadian vendor, IXIASOFT, have just unwrapped the latest release of their XML-based solution -- DITA CMS Framework 2.1. Compatibility with DITA 1.

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  • Oracle's Collaborate 08 Conference within a Conference

    Are you an Oracle Content Management fan? Then here's the event of the year for you. It's Oracle's Collaborate 08 conference and it's happening April 13–17, 2008 at the Denver Convention Center in Denver, Colorado. Collaborate 08 is about more than just content management, it's about understanding and using all of Oracle's products. But it has a unique twist called "a conference within a conference". Which basically means there is a special focus on content management at the Collaborate 08 conference. With over 30 sessions dedicated to content management, this conference is replacing the Stellent Crescendo content management conference.

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