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  • CRM 2012-2013: Separating the Substance from the Hype

    Hype drives us all: we cheer for our products and later duck the jeers from market pundits and customers. 2012 saw plenty of hype in CRM. Let's separate the substance from the hype and see where CRM is headed in 2013.

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  • Marketing Automation: From Lead Generation to Sales Management

    B2B selling organizations today rely on marketers to generate the leads necessary to start their efforts, and marketing organizations rely more and more on technology to generate those leads. But it's time now to connect the dots between marketing and sales.

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  • The Calendar Disconnect

    While apps exist to sync calendars across multiple devices, the equivalent solutions don't exist to integrate calendars with key enterprise tasks. Calendars are key in many applications, such as CRM and support and ticketing systems.

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  • The Need for a Simpler Enterprise CMS Sharing Interface

    For almost 15 years, companies large and small have been publishing intranet sites to either share information and files with their employees or allow cross sharing between many and possibly all employees.

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  • Online Document Distribution: Similar Companies, Different Directions

    Online document distribution systems have changed the way we view our brochures, white papers, transcripts, research studies, training materials, press releases and presentations. These services started with similar purposes, but have evolved in time to quite different offerings.

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