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  • Improving Your First Page of Search Results

    If your customers can't find what they want on the first page of results, very few of them will go to the second page. More people have reached the top of Mount Everest than have been to the 5,000th search result. It's brutal out there.

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  • Why Some Content is Deliberately Complex

    Sometimes, we are fools for complexity. When we hear complex language we can't help but be impressed, even when we don't understand what's being said.

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  • Hidden Power of Content

    The influence of content on purchasing behavior is greatly enhanced online.

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  • Web Content: Simple is Better

    When it comes to website copywriting, design and development, simple is always better. It makes it easier for online visitors to: Answer basic questions, starting with “Am I at the right place?” Absorb and digest key messages Fulfill a desired course of action, e.g. subscribe, purchase, etc.

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  • Semantic E-mail Addressing: The Future of E-mail?

    Stanford University is working on developing a new enterprise 2.0 e-mail system based on semantics. Traditional e-mail centers need specific e-mail addresses, group lists, or the like. But SEAmail (Semantic E-mail Addressing) seeks to eliminate this need by pulling e-mail addresses from large databases based on search criteria and a

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  • Time for Marketers to Stop Treating Customers Like Fools

    One reason Google has been so successful is that it has shown a genuine respect for its customers. "Google's fourth-quarter revenues were up 18% to $5.7 billion, a solid showing," Fortune reported in January 2009.

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