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  • Why Goals Fail and What You Can Do About It Infographic

    Why Goals Fail and What You Can Do About It [Infographic]

    There’s no question that people who define goals are more successful than their free-floating colleagues. So, for all of the benefits that goal-setting brings, why is it that so many of these goals remain unreachable? A new infographic by Workboard  provides some insight into this issue, and it’s not pretty:

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  • Segway Inventor Dean Kamen Science Isnt a Spectator Sport

    Segway Inventor Dean Kamen: Science Isn't a Spectator Sport

    Dean Kamen has invented hundreds of things, including the first insulin pump for treatment of diabetes. But he'll probably be forever known as The Segway Guy. Kamen made his fortune developing medical devices, but gained worldwide recognition in 2001 when he unveiled his Segway Personal Transporter.

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  • How to Raise Daughters Who Are Leaders

    How do we prepare our children -- particularly our daughters -- to thrive in the economy of tomorrow? We need to provide the best education within our means, which includes a lot more than the official schooling they receive.

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