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  • writing with quills

    Go Digital or Go Home

    Everywhere you turn you hear about digital transformation and the importance of going digital. People are out there selling digital transformation services and software. What they are not selling is a way for everyone in your organization, including yourself, to understand what going digital actually means.

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  • lasso the calf

    Reining in Your DX Strategy

    You’ve read the stats on the ROI of customer experience. You, like the majority of businesses, are aware that the digital experience (DX) you’re offering customers just isn’t enough. You know you need a new approach. So, what should you do? Maybe you go all guns blazing.

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  • light and shadows

    Narrative Strategy Tames Digital Experience Chaos #DXS15

    If you are building out a digital experience, chances are you have two fat challenges. One is technology — a lot of technology that doesn’t always work together the way you think it should and hoped it would. The other is content. You need good quality content that is relevant.

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  • restaurant kitchen

    Cooking Up Great Customer Experiences

    The restaurant world has a concept called “front of the house” and “back of the house” to divide the work of running a restaurant. The front of the house is what customers see when they enter the restaurant. The host or hostess greets them, and brings them to a table.

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  • Stalled car

    Tactics Won't Get You Far with Digital Transformation

    Many (if not all) of us are facing the challenge of keeping our businesses relevant and successful in a digital age. And many (if not all) are turning to digital transformation as the key to survival.  Recent research from MIT Sloan Management Review/Deloitte  confirms that digital transformation needs to be

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  • 2015-16-October-TweetJam-Logo

    CMSWire Tweet Jam: Getting Started with Digital Experience #CXMChat

    The battle for customers has turned digital and businesses need to adapt. But where to begin? What tools and strategies do businesses already have in place and what needs to be built from scratch? Discuss these questions and more at our upcoming Tweet Jam.

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  • Grand Central Station

    Digital Experience Begins with Data

    Here’s a little story for all those CEOs, CMOs and CIOs who dream of digitally transforming their businesses.  My pharmacy of choice, Walgreen’s, offers customers a rewards program using a telephone number as a unique identifier.

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  • birds on a wire

    Align Your Company Around Digital Experience

    Every day, the need for a cohesive digital strategy gets more and more vital. And every day, mapping out the digital experience gets more complex.  Customers embrace new platforms and interact with brands in new ways, while marketers explore new technologies for reaching and attracting buyers.

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  • sparks of light

    How DX Can Make Your Business Exceptional

    Digital technology is creating new business models as well as new markets. Just consider, as an example, the iPhone. In a few short years, a single device has disrupted 27 business models — everything from flashlight manufacturing to photography — and ushered in the age of the mobile app.

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  • clean up

    Clean Up Your Digital Presence

    Whether it’s a few webpages you have an intern update every few months or a giant behemoth that you employ an entire team to tame each and every day, your website is an integral part of your business.

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  • cow in the road

    Avoiding Obstacles on the Road to Digital Experience

    B2B companies are getting the message: Digital experience is a key to survival. But like all great experiences, someone has to plan it — and own it. Perhaps that lucky person is you. The good news is that part of your battle is already won.

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  • Ninja Training

    Putting the Nix on Ninja Marketing #DXS15

    By stepping foot into the world of digital marketing, you — and your organization — take on tremendous responsibility with your customers.

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  • center of the spiral

    The Digital Experience Begins with Customer-Centric Design

    The digital experience is a shorthand way of saying that we want to create a moment in time and space in which a person, through the power of an Internet connection, experiences something unique. That "something" might be informative, fun, moving or challenging.

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  • happy couple

    Exceed Customer Expectations Online

    Think about the last time you made a purchase. Where did you go first on your quest to buy that item? Based on the fact that over 3.2 billion people use the Internet, you probably took to the web or a mobile app, maybe to research before heading in-store, or

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