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What do you get when you mix a provider that specializes in search engine optimization and a Web-based service that monitors search engine rankings? The recently partnered ClearGauge and ZoomRank would say a top-notch and innovative SEO measure.

SEO, Say What?

Search Engine Optimization consists of identifying keywords and phrases that companies want to rank high for on search engines, such as the almighty Google. Having a Web site rank in the top 10 results on a search engine can significantly increase the quantity and quality of leads and sales, naturally. Optimizing content, developing inbound links and ensuring search engine friendly website design are all methods for improving search engine rankings. What ClearGauge claims sets them apart from other SEO consulting and services firms is their customization of Web analytics tools such as Omniture, WebTrends and Google Analytics by focusing on goals and Key Performance Indicators in support of continuous improvement.

A Story On SEO Measurement

Once upon a time, the standard way to measure these rankings was to look at the statistics of two static points in time -- like the first day of each month, for example. Unfortunately, since Web stats can fluctuate greatly on any given day, the results that come from that method are often distorted, or, not as accurate as they could be if they were say, averaged out. This is where ClearGuage’s genius comes in, as they’ve used average rankings to evaluate SEO initiatives in the past. However, doing so entailed the close monitoring and management of daily ranking in addition to manual calculations. And who on Earth does anything manually anymore, right? So, along came ZoomRank with their genius, also known as automatic monitoring of search engine rankings, and the Average Rankings Report with the ability to run automatically was born.

Dreams Really Do Come True

"For years, I requested this feature of many companies with desktop ranking software. They all agreed it was a great idea, but that is as far as it went", says Trevor Peters, Director of Client Solutions, SEO & Analytics for ClearGauge. "ZoomRank was the first company that actually responded to our needs and I'm glad I got to be a part of developing something that is really cool and truly valuable. Automating this analytical measure will allow ClearGauge to be more efficient and provide even better results to our SEO clients." Sounds like Peters got the happy ending he always dreamed of. And what’s more is that all of us non-directors of client solutions have something to smile about, too -- because ZoomRank is 100% Web-based. That means it requires absolutely no software installation. Awesome, we know. Peters also says they also have some other ideas brewing in the kitchen, so check back for other announcements from this particular dream team in the near future.

About ClearGauge

ClearGauge is a B2B online marketing services and consulting firm that has generated a higher quantity and quality of sales leads through their Web sites with various Fortune 500 companies. Their solutions include a blend of Web site analytics, Web site renovation and design, search engine optimization (obviously), and paid search. ClearGauge also provides strategic sessions and educational workshops for those who want to assess their performance or needs, and/or more.

About ZoomRank

ZoomRank is a Web-based service that automatically tracks the ranking of Web sites by keyword on the major search engines. Now companies can actively monitor their search engine optimization programs for maximum returns. Users can initiate a rank anytime and see immediate status, view daily rankings in automatic emails, or run and schedule reports.