Nedstat New Generation of Sitestat web statistics software
Nedstat, a European provider of web analytics, has added a new feature -- live interactive segmentation -- to its product Sitestat. Sitestat offers a wide range of reporting possibilities on campaigns, content and conversion. Known for its recent partnership with SDL Tridion WCM system, Nedstat's updated Sitestat now allows users to select any specific online visitor group and instantly focus in on their behavior, making it possible to better respond to consumer preferences and enable the advanced targeting of campaigns and content. As before the new release, you can use Sitestat to get reports on campaigns (e-mail, search, banners and affiliate marketing), basic content navigation and search, and conversion (measure downloads, registrations and purchases). Having a profound understanding of web analytics and online consumer behavior is critical to modern online businesses. Live segmentation is fully embedded in Sitestat and is made available to all Sitestat users as a standard feature. Users can apply any visitor segment to any report, for any time period, at any time and view results instantly. They can segment on any data including today’s data and customer specific data. Live segmentation is a good way to improve the depth of online visitor insights, enabling a better response to visitor preferences. Integration with other online marketing tools and applications via the Sitestat RING interface enables powerful possibilities for targeting of campaigns and content based on these data-supported insights. “Reporting on the entire visitor group only is not enough. Online professionals must be able to select any visitor segment for truly in-depth insights in behavior and possibilities to target campaigns and content,” says Michael Kinsbergen, CEO at Nedstat. The segmentation feature is also available in Direct View, Sitestat’s overlay web metric solution and can be used via the Sitestat API. Availability in Office Link, Sitestat’s integration with Microsoft Office, will follow in September. This new feature should be a welcome addition to the Sitestat Enabler, an integrated product available for SDL Tridion customers. Another web analytics partner of SDL Tridion, WebTrends, will have to step it up and beef up its WebTrends Enabler. Both enablers are available for download on SDL Tridion’s extranet.