WebTrends Declares Data Independence
Recently, WebTrends Inc., provider of Web analytics and online marketing solutions, issued what they're calling a "declaration of data independence." The new platforms (yes, plural!) are standards-based and make it possible to exchange data across the enterprise, free from the closed silos of mass-market Web analytics suites. The new solutions are: WebTrends Marketing Warehouse™ A hub for offline data. This enterprise-scale data platform offers a published data schema and support for standards-based data exchanges, providing flexible integration of web data with virtually any other enterprise information source, application or system. WebTrends Connect Streamlines the exchange of data into and out of WebTrends Marketing Warehouse and WebTrends Analytics™. The new interface component offers easy access to a variety of open, standards-based methods for data exchange, including ODBC and Web services/APIs. Data Scheduler Provides self-service, direct access to the WebTrends Marketing Warehouse database. So easy that WebTrends claims even individuals with limited IT know-how can easily get at the data they need and integrate it with other enterprise systems and applications.

The World of WebTrends

Big and fancy organizations including Microsoft, Reuters, General Mills and Ticketmaster have already chosen WebTrends -- an obviously thorough provider of Web analytics and online marketing solutions -- to optimize their customers' online experiences. "If you want a one-size-fits-all packaged solution, you can get free Web analytics," said Alex Yoder, WebTrends CEO. "But if you want to get the most out of your Web data, WebTrends provides the only credible solution for creating one integrated view of your customer and enterprise data." Everything rolled into one and the support from the e-famous? We like the sound of that, and so do others. JupiterResearch -- provider of market research, trends and statistics -- reports that comprehensive view of customers’ experience is a primary concern for both site operators and analytics clients. Senior analyst John Lovett says, "For site operators and their business leaders, the goal should be expediting the confluence of data and establishing data-driven processes." We suspect that WebTrends support from top dogs has something to do with how on top of their game they are. This year alone, we at CMSWire have reviewed them several times, including their integrated analytics partnership with SDL Tridion Web CMS, their release of TagBuilder and the recent advertising dollar saving Ad Director. With such a dynamic year for the company (this triple release was like a technological grand finale), we're going to go ahead and expect nothing less from their products -- especially, when their shtick is something as grandiose as a "declaration of data independence". For more information including pricing, please visit webtrends.com and, as always, come back and tell us what you think.