The former Omniture chief who sold his company to Adobe for $1.8 billion brought his new organization out of stealth mode this week.

He claims American Fork, Utah-based Domo offers the "world's first business management platform."

Josh James said Domo will help companies get "meaningful value from business data" and collaborate better. The move comes less than six years after James sold Omniture.

Domo has been in stealth mode since 2010. But it went public this week at Domopalooza in Salt Lake City.

Now the provider is targeting companies who buy technology to easily access business critical data.

Bold Claim

Domo's cloud-based platform uniquely fixes "the problems of traditional business intelligence (BI)," James noted in a statement. 

"BI had become synonymous with slow, inefficient and complex processes that started and ended with the data," he added. "... Since Day One, we’ve been maniacally focused on the business users, helping them get direct access to all the information they need to manage their business. As a result, we've created a solution that changes the way business is managed."

No doubt, people have noticed James and Domo. The conference this week is packed with about 1,000 attendees. Robin Thicke, Ludacris and Kid Ink performed. As Domo boasted, "In case you hadn’t noticed, this ain’t your pappy’s business conference."

Learning Opportunities

Domo officials realize solutions to automate and improve business processes exist. But they called competitors' solutions to gather data, report and consume data "antiquated." They rely on resource-eating techniques and platforms like email and spreadsheets. 

The Domo platform also includes social collaboration tools, which officials claim will reduce the need for meetings to get everyone on the same page.

"It's not about getting the data. It's about changing the culture around the data," James tweeted.

Inside the Platform

Specifically, the Domo platform includes:

  1. 1-Click Apps: Part of Domo's connector framework strategy that officials claim simplifies the process of connecting to a data source and loading users’ data into Domo. Includes pre-built reporting templates based on best practices for an industry, role, domain or data source. 
  2. Magic: Includes automated, self-service tools that make preparing data for analysis easy, officials said. Features a visual user interface (UI) with drag-and-drop functionality to enable a broad, non-technical audience to visually assemble joining, cleaning and transforming as self-service. 
  3. Card Builder: A self-service version of the data visualization capability. A user can select data, and Card Builder analyzes them.

“We’ve been focused on taking the complexity out of the process when it comes to accessing, understanding and leveraging data,” James said.

“In working with enterprise customers over the last couple years, we’ve found that the investment of time and resources required just to connect to the data is a deterrent to many projects aimed at helping the business user. Through tools like 1-Clicks, Magic and Card Builder, we’re taking away those barriers.”