Polished Documentums Golden Crown is Shining

Polished! Documentum's Golden Crown is Shining

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EMC Documentum has worn a crown of gold in the enterprise content management (ECM) world for quite a long time. In fact, it’s hard to remember a year (if there was one) when analysts at Gartner, Ovum and Forrester didn’t all call the company a leader.

And a leader, it should be noted, is different from a strong performer, a challenger, a contender and a visionary, all terms the analysts apply to levels below "leader."A leader is a product that can already do it all (or at least the important parts) and that analysts recommend, almost without hesitation — a product like EMC Documentum.

Keeping Up with the Competition

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But in the world of technology, where innovation is constant, being awarded the top title doesn’t give you permission to sit back, relax and rest on your laurels. After all, the way people work changes, the tools they want to use changes, the business rules and regulations they use change … we could go on. But the bottom line is that to be a leader, you have to know your customers, you have to understand the industries they work in, you have to make sure your products make it easy for them to work smart, follow the rules and help them to gain competitive advantage. (And keep the CEO out of jail).

In the world of ECM, this can be challenging because business solutions have to serve, at the very minimum, two masters. One is the end user who expects that ECM software will be as easy to use as Facebook, Linkedin and Amazon; the other is IT who has to make sure that you not only have access to everything you need to do your work, but also that your interaction with that content is compliant with rules and tracked. And then there are workflows and business processes to consider.

Want a headache? Think about all of the documents and other types of content that applying for a mortgage, reporting a car accident or building an airplane typically generate. There are paper and electronic forms, reports originated by third parties, pictures, bar codes … you get the idea. ECM systems are responsible for managing, tracking, applying controls to all of that, and much more, in a way that’s almost invisible to the end user. Thank God, right?

Master Performers

EMC Documentum and its sister products Captiva, Syncplicity, Kazeon have proven to be master performers in this regard. For more than two decades, they’ve set the gold standard in what it means to get the right information to the right person, at the right time, in the right format, regardless of where they happen to be.

Today, EMC introduced nine product releases that will make it easier for information workers to work smarter in a world where big data, mobile, social and cloud are the drivers. While we’re not going to go into detail about all of them, we are going to share some of what we learned from Rohit Ghai, senior vice president of products and solutions at EMC IIG and David Mennie, director of product marketing,

Brand Spankin’ New

We wrote about EMC IIG’s newest product, InfoArchive, earlier today. The skinny on it is that it enables enterprises to store structured and unstructured information in a unified archive, making it easier to retire legacy applications and projects while providing live access to information when needed.

Documentum 7.1 Comes Fast and Easy

Documentum 7.1 now supports a broader range of operating environments, including Microsoft (Windows/SQL), Oracle (Solaris/Oracle), IBM (AIX/DB2, Websphere), and Linux stacks. They’ve also increased scalability with new 64-bit architectures on Linux/Unix, while easing deployment and administration. Improvements, according to Ghai, come by way of enhancements to the xCelerated Management System.

Making Life Easier and Smarter

Our smart devices keep becoming capable of smart things and EMC isn’t going to skip a beat in being part of that action. EMC Captiva now has its own EMC Captiva Mobile Toolkit; it’s included in Captiva 7.1. It gives end users the ability to convert any device equipped with a camera into a document and data capture device.

Learning Opportunities

And while that’s cool, Documentum users will also find it a comfort to know that among Documentum D2 4.2’s more than 30 enhancements, they’ll find intelligent URLs that provide access to content and allow other actions to be initiated such as business processes and approvals – all without coding.

Lest we forget, EMC IIG products now work with iPads.

Documentum is Now More Agile and Interoperable

Documentum is now more agile than ever before because it interoperates with other enterprise applications without sacrificing existing investments in Documentum. It also delivers several key enhancements that strengthen xCP as a development platform for creating cloud-based information intensive and case management solutions that deliver information when and where users need it.

Documentum, the Lawyer’s Friend

Searching through files is less of a drag if the user experience is delightful. That’s why EMC has amped up Kazeon eDiscovery to deliver advanced performance and scalability of up to 1B indexed files for early case assessments of a litigation proceeding.

Better Connectors to All

EMC IIG is also introducing a new line of connectors to the applications it most often interfaces with; namely SAP, Sharepoint and Syncplicity. Who wins? The application end users, of course, they are, after all, any IT company’s real customers.

Better than Ever User Experiences

EMC is all about solving business problems, security, compliance and the end user experience, says Mennie. And if that’s what EMC IIG is after, it seems to be delivering on it, at least twice a year. While we’d still like to see a Social solution in EMC IIG’s offerings, (maybe VMWare CEO Pat Gelsinger can finally give up Socialcast or go run Microsoft so that another CEO can do it), we take our hats off to the team at IIG, releasing nine new products at once is a big deal.

We’ll expect to see industry solutions and social at EMC World in Las Vegas in May, if not sooner.

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