Zettaset and MicroStrategy Deliver Secure Big Data Insight MSTRworld

OK, so it’s not popular to say so, but Hadoop has some real big problems. Among them, the security vulnerabilities that exist “at every layer of the stack,” according to a blog post penned by Gartner analyst Merv Adrian.

So it goes to follow that the enterprises who turn a blind eye to those vulnerabilities might be headed for trouble.

That being said, companies who fail to identify data-driven insights and make decisions around them could be digging their own graves.

This seems to leave CIOs who are already nervous about big data, in a pretty awful place -- risk the company (and possibly your career) and go “all in” on Hadoop, or forget about big data insights and analytics and let your company (and your career) flatline at best.

To Hadoop or Not to Hadoop? There May Be Another Choice

Jim Vogt, CEO of Zettaset, says that enterprises can leverage the massive potential of Hadoop safely and securely with his company’s Zettaset Orchestrator. It’s a cluster management solution that addresses the known security gaps and vulnerabilities that exist in open source Hadoop by creating a security "wrapper" around any Hadoop distribution, making it ready for enterprise consumption.

With Zettaset Orchestrator enterprises gain the ability to easily:

  • Address policy, compliance, access control and risk management within the Hadoop cluster environment in the enterprise
  • Integrate Hadoop clusters into existing enterprise security policy frameworks with support for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Active Directory (AD)
  • Strengthen Hadoop clusters to meet compliance requirements for reporting and forensics by providing centralized configuration management, logging and auditing
  • Improve the user authentication process with Role-based access control (RBAC), and enable Kerberos to be run against all components of a big data ecosystem, not just Hadoop

In other words, Zettaset gives CIOs and enterprises the ability to leverage all that Hadoop has to offer without risking safety and compliance.

Introducing Zettaset’s Orchestrator BI Connector for Secure Hadoop

Today, at MicroStrategy World 2014  in Las Vegas, Zettaset unveiled its Orchestrator BI Connector for Hadoop. Vogt says that it’s the only Big Data management solution designed to address enterprise requirements for security, high availability and scalability in a distributed computing environment. It streamlines the interface between Hadoop and BI/Analytics applications; it lowers operational expenses and reduces IT resource requirements; it was designed to be simple to deploy and administer, accelerating time to value from weeks to hours; and it’s transparent and compatible with leading Apache Hadoop distributions.


Zettaset Brings Faster Time to Value, Security, Big Data to BI Users

The Orchestrator BI Connector is built on an open API that provides Zettaset customers with the option to easily access a broad set of analytics applications as well as multiple Hadoop distributions, safely and securely.

Will Zettaset Spur Hadoop Deployments in 2014?

Zettaset, through its Orchestrator solution, is at minimum the layer of protection that cautious and/or highly regulated Enterprises need to enter the world of Big Data based analytics. A solid partnership with a leader like MicroStrategy should give CIOs the confidence they need to take the plunge; after all, the risk is lowered and the time to value is accelerated.

2014 is the year that big data goes mainstream. Zettaset bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to go.

The conditions are right, so if you haven’t taken the plunge yet, it’s time to jump in.

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