3 Vendors That Help Deliver the Omnichannel Vision shoporg14

3 Vendors That Help Deliver the Omnichannel Vision #shoporg14

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I found the omnichannel retailing pulse at the Shop.org Summit taking place in Seattle, but it's not as overwhelming as you might have thought given all the noise around this over the last year. Hopefully that's a sign that more retailers are taking the message to heart, but not every vendor would agree. Retailers are being selective about their priorities and the companies they choose to work with to bring their capabilities to market.

Here’s a quick look at three companies at the Summit that are well positioned to really help retailers achieve their omnichannel vision.

CommerceHub: Deliver the Endless Aisle

CommerceHub helps retailers expand their product assortment and enable rapid delivery for their e-commerce initiatives.One of the challenges retailers face is scaling their e-commerce presence and CommerceHub is well suited to support this with roughly 8500 suppliers here in the US and Canada.

A retailer just connects into the their network and everything is private labeled for the retailers so customers aren’t aware that the retailer has handed this off to CommerceHub.Endless aisle is a key component for omnichannel enablement and CommerceHub is well positioned to support retailers with minimal risk involved as they take on the bulk of the heavy lifting.

OrderDynamics: Analytics Capabilities

OrderDynamics aims to help retailers better understand their data so that it becomes information they can take action on to improve their performance.At the core is an analytics capability, Dynamic Action, that helps retailers make more intelligent business decisions to alleviate the data and inventory impacts of the “Ghost Economy” which is estimated to cost retailers worldwide over $800 billion annually in lost revenue.

Learning Opportunities

OrderDynamics is highly optimized for retail and this focus raises the bar.In addition, OrderDynamics also delivers a hosted suite of omnichannel order and inventory management capabilities.OrderDynamics differentiates itself by running these in the cloud which greatly simplifies implementations from traditional order management solutions and speeds time to market.

Prism Skylabs: Improve Brick and Mortar Layouts

Finally, Prism Skylabs is a video analytics solution focused on helping retailers more effectively manage their brick and mortar retail operations.The company helps retail stores improve their store layouts by detailing how customers walk and browse through a store.And rather than doing this on a person by person basis, Prism does this in an aggregated fashion with heat maps using computational photographytechniques showing where customer traffic has been over a period of time which alleviates any privacy concerns as no individual customers are ever identified.Given the business they are in -- video surveillance -- this focus on privacy really benefits the retailers using this.

Just a quick slice of the wide variety of vendors here, but ones that distinguish themselves from the pack in terms of providing omnichannel capabilities.That being said, the show still has more room to run, so look for an update.

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