While there are many ways to create, publish and share information across a variety of social, mobile and web channels, it’s not always easy to collect it all in one place. The folks at Infoteria, a company that develops and markets software and services that connect various corporate computers and devices, have a solution, called Handbook.

What is Handbook?

Handbook is a secure mobile document manager and presentation tool that offers a simple and attractive way to bind together documents in a variety of media types. By giving companies and consumer mobile users a way to easily and effectively share and present information both on and offline, Handbook helps organizations meet the security challenges of the BYOD mobile workforce with a centralized approach to mobile content management.

Recently, Infoteria made the Handbook content manager available for iPads, iPhones and Android devices. Now, users can bind together any combination of content, from documents and PDF files to  videos, photos, Web links and more, which users can assemble, publish and present collections of files in both online and offline settings.

This isn’t your traditional content management system. Users are able to select any content, in any order, depending on the need. Additionally, Handbook lets administrators, content creators and managers specify when particular files or pages will appear (or disappear) from view, in order to meet important privacy and security requirements.

Why Bundle Content?

Collecting information and bundling it for others makes it easier to access across different platforms, on and offline. With Handbook, you can securely share reports and presentations with meeting attendees in real time, adjust sales presentations on-the-fly to match the needs and interests of different clients, or share and publish information with work teams and vendors, collaborating as needed, without having to rebundle it each time!

By expanding the functionality to mobile devices, users can assemble, organize, share and present diverse kinds of content on any kind of tablet or smartphone.

Handbook includes Handbook Studio, a browser-based tool for uploading and managing content, and the Handbook viewer mobile application to view, browse and present content. 


Specific features include:

  • Online and offline HTML5 support, allowing Web pages with many forms of moving rich-media content to be stored and viewed even when an Internet connection is not available. Users are also able to manipulate such content via hand gestures on their device -- an impressive enhancement during presentations.
  • A survey/questionnaire function that allows users to set up and distribute quizzes via their portable devices and show the results.
  • Onscreen PDF annotation, which lets users circle or notate content using just their finger.

Those curious about trying Handbook can participate in a 30-day free trial or download the application from the Apple iTunes app store, Android Play Store or by download at the Handbook website.