A Week in Google: The Nexus Tablet Onslaught, Chrome OS Updates and More

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The very latest news out of Google is that Larry Page has lost his voice, probably from screaming "success!" repeatedly as the Nexus 7 tablet ships. Meanwhile, the rest of Google never sleeps, and its products never stop being tweaked and updated.  

Poor Larry, Happy Nexus

As tech headlines go, "CEO loses voice" isn't up there with the greats, but it must be a slow Friday over at HuffPo who thought it worth a whole article. Hopefully he's fully recovered, but you do wonder if he was watching the pre-order screen for Google's new tablet racking up the sales like a pinball machine, and got a little carried away. 

The Nexus is picking up rave reviews and should be shipping from today. It poses an imminent threat to Amazon's Kindle Fire, so that company's next product needs to hit the stores fast. Apple's probable mini iPad might also be under threat, as it seems Google has a real market breaker on its hands. 

Going Round in Circles

Back in the world of Google services and apps, the usual batch of upgrades and updates are taking place. If you want to move your Circles from one account to another, then Google has released a tool to help users manage that migration. Visit Google Takeout and click “Transfer your Google+ connections to another account”. It helps move your circles and connections from one account to another.

Learning Opportunities


Google's new user interface for Chromebooks

In the world of Chrome, the OS has now hit version 20, adding support for Google Drive and offering offline support for your Google Docs, there's also a new user interface, the pretty Aura (above), with a host of fixes and other improvements. With new versions of the hardware shown off at last month's Google Developer event, are you interested yet?


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