Acquia Cloud Site Factory Debuts for Churning Out Websites

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Acquia Cloud Site Factory Debuts for Churning Out Websites
Commercial Drupal services provider Acquia has debuted a tool called Site Factory, an apt name as it's meant to help marketers launch multiple websites in short order for building campaigns and launches.

Maintain the Content, Acquia Does the Rest

Site Factory sounds just like what the name implies, and when businesses or agencies need to create dozens or multiple dozens of websites, this sounds like at least a competitive option. With the Acquia Cloud Site Factory, template based, customizable sites can be set up by business users, and just a few administrators can manage hundreds of websites from one dashboard.

For marketers especially, this seems like a good fit. When a new campaign or launch gears up, content is readied for deployment at a moments notice. With a tool like Site Factory, that content can be spread out across the new properties, and marketers don't have to deal with maintenance of the sites, or any of the technical back end details.

The websites can be extended with Drupal extensions, and can be integrated with existing Web properties as well. The underlying technology is based on the Drupal Gardens initiative, a Drupal Saas environment that doesn't involve any downloading of software or setting up hosting and servers.

On the Factory Floor

The idea with Cloud Site Factory is to build sites fast or even simply clone existing sites with a click. The sites themselves feature non technical editing tools, advanced CSS tools, social login and sharing, and embedding of video or RSS feeds.

Learning Opportunities

Furthermore, custom roles can be defined by administrators, Javascript libraries can be added for extensibility, and third party analytics services can be integrated via APIs. Because Cloud Site Factory is built on an open source platform, entire sites can be exported if the need should arise or if requirements change.

The Acquia Cloud Site Factory is another healthy push by Acquia into customer experience management, and coupled with its recent revenue reports, it sure seems the company is making the right moves. The company got another boost in July as it was named as a Forrester Wave Leader in what is called social depth.

Social depth is categorized around things like user generated content and supporting online discussions, but ultimately, it's about how companies interact with their customers. With the Site Factory, Acquia is giving businesses a way to build targeted, highly intentioned sites that can help those customers one step further along on their journey.

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