Drupal cloud services provider Acquia is making the cloud-based AppNeta TraceView Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution available via the Acquia Network Marketplace, making the AppNeta solution easily accessible to Drupal developers.

AppNeta TraceView is designed to provide browser-based developer visibility into the databases and servers running Drupal applications. The solution provides real-time data visualization and analysis as well as error reports/alerts. The Drupal version of TraceView specifically targets Drupal developer concerns including comparative site performance for authenticated and anonymous end users, menu item performance (including reasons driving performance), what nodes render what pages and time spent in individual Drupal hooks.

Unlocking the Secrets of the End User

According to a brief published by venture equity partner firm North Bridge, the new Acquia-AppNeta partnership will allow Drupal developers to discover how their sites are performing for end users, including why some pages are slow or throw exceptions and whether server issues are limiting performance. “As of today, the most detailed and actionable Drupal performance data available is just one click away for Acquia Network subscribers --thanks to AppNeta’s newly launched, awesome partnership with the Acquia team!” the brief concludes on a clearly positive note.

Acquia Opens Up to Developers

Through a combination of open source and free services, Acquia is angling to become the standard means of managing activities on the Drupal platform -- the company refers to itself as the “enterprise guide to Drupal." Last month, Acquia introduced a new concept it calls “Open Web Experience Management” or OpenWEM.

The vendor says OpenWEM is a combination of Acquia cloud services, the Drupal platform and the Acquia app marketplace that allows users to “create immersive, digital content and campaigns [and] socialize them across multiple communities and channels,” based on an open standards web architecture.

OpenWEM also allows Drupal modules to integrate with most major marketing automation and social analytics solutions. Acquia says other WEM tools are based on proprietary third-party architectures that make them “slow to adapt to changing business needs and keep pace with the speed of the social web.”

In addition to its new OpenWEM concept and supporting solutions, back in August, at DrupalCon Munich 2012, Acquia said its Dev Cloud will be permanently free for developing sites. The developer accounts will include all the features of Acquia Cloud: automated developer workflow, separate development, staging and production environments as well as backups, SSH access, Drush integration, Cloud API and Cloud Hooks for continuous integration and more.

Acquia Network and Acquia Cloud users can start a free 60-day TraceView trial by logging into their Acquia account and adding the TraceView service to their site.