Drupal Gains Steam at DrupalCon Munich 2012 #Drupalcon

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My travels from Austin to Munich all in the name of DrupalCon did not disappoint!Once again, it was filled with incredible speakers and collaboration. While there, the Drupal community saw another significant merger of leaders in Drupal, new products and proof that the community is just beginning to hit its stride.

Drupal E-Commerce Gets a Boost

Drupal for commerce made another breakthrough with a big announcement from Paris and Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Commerce Guys. The company kicked it up a notch with the launch of their Commerce Kickstart 2.0 -- an accelerated launch pad for the open-source e-Commerce framework Drupal Commerce.

Mike O’Connor, president of Commerce Guys North America had this to say about it, “The new Kickstart is all about creating enterprise-level Drupal Commerce sites. It’s designed to provide a multifaceted, out-of-the-box baseline of functionality as a starting point for e-Commerce sites. It’s a great advancement for Drupal and our team.”

Dev Cloud Free for All

Acquia did not disappoint to bring more to the community at Munich. They announced a new pricing structure, if you call free a pricing structure! Acquia says their Dev Cloud will be permanently free for developing sites.The developer accounts will include all the great features of Acquia Cloud: automated developer workflow, separate development, staging and production environments as well as backups, SSH access, Drush integration, Cloud API and Cloud Hooks for continuous integration and more.

Learning Opportunities

Women in Drupal

The Drupal project keeps its promise with diversity. To enhance networking and build a community of women Drupal experts, the Women in Drupal Facebook page launched at the Con with over 100 members in the first couple of days!

To boot, during Munich, the number of Drupal developers crossed the 20,000 mark.

It was another great Con -- Auf Wiedersehen!

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