Acquia Releases Drupal Commons 3.0, Customer Community Building at the Center

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Open source digital services provider Acquia has released Drupal Commons 3.0 to help with the creation and management of customer communities and social-driven applications.

Acquia's most recent focus has been on expanding their global presence with US$ 30 million in funding that was used to furthersales and marketing in Europe and Asia Pacific and by bringing its Drupal hosting provider to Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

With Drupal Commons 3.0 the company aims to build on a previous release, the Open WEM initiative for digital marketers by offering clients a Drupal powered, open sourced, social business tool that brings together content, community and commerce platforms.

What is Drupal Commons 3.0?

Built on Drupal 7,Drupal Commons 3.0 uses social applications to improve the results and approach that digital businesses have for customer communities, brand advocacy, social commerce and employee collaboration. Also, as an open solution, it can be integrated into any digital marketing ecosystem, such as Marketo, Facebook and Google Analytics and can be used to createsupport communities, social intranets, fan communities and developer communities.


Learning Opportunities

Some of its features include:

  • Build a Branded, Social Experience:Community members are given control over design, UX and other components giving them the tools needed to build social experiences that can turn collaborative efforts into business value.
  • Open API support: Users can integrate other digital marketing technology into the Drupal Commons platform to gain insight and tips on experience optimization for potential customers, current customer and partners.
  • Mobile support: Drupal Commons 3.0 supports responsive design, allowing community members to connect and interact through any device they choose.
  • Personalized content delivery: Based on a community member’s interests, Drupal Commons gathers engagement data, such as comments and views and delivers relevant information to the member it is associated with.

The Acquia Cloud Benefit

Drupal Commons 3.0 is also deployed through the Acquia Cloud which gives digital marketers and IT departments a social solution that can help their business build a better consumer relationship through insights and customer engagement.

Online communities and social applications have a direct influence on the buying process. Drupal Commons helps our customers build better community applications that improve customer satisfaction, accelerate purchase decisions and engage zealous brand advocates.” said Tom Erickson, CEO of Acquia.

In addition to this, withthe combination of these two tools there are add-ons from the Acquia Network Marketplace that can be used to enhance the community and social business experience.

  • Social Profile Integration: Communities can be connected to social networks, such as Google+ and Twitter to help increase community engagement and participation.
  • Expertise location and content recommendation: Through a search function, users can find people and content that is relevant to a certain topic, which in turn improves collaboration and productivity.
  • Content assurance: Content is protected with an automated spam filter and content moderation tool.
  • Conversion optimization: Community managers can test, measure and optimize digital marketing campaigns across social applications to improve conversion rates.

Drupal Commons 3.0 is available as a free download from the Acquia website.