Like posting content to Drupal sites from an iOS device? Acquia, the commercial provider of Drupal Web CMS services, has released the code base for building native iOS apps that can post content right to a Drupal website -- the first of its kind.

Produce Content from an iPhone or iPad

What has to be one of the most difficult things for website owners to do is to create content from a mobile device -- any content producer will vouch for this painful reality. But while laptops and desktops provide ease of use, they are not exactly practical to use when publishing content on the go.

Some work related items have to be done remotely as is seen in the many discussions on the bring your own device phenomenon. Quite often, however, this is in the context of document collaboration, social media and other collaborative work settings and rarely about content production. In this case it's widely accepted that mobile devices are really not preferable at all.

Part of that is simply slow upload times over mobile networks. On Wi-Fi, that's less of an issue, but for many websites, even the types of content that can be produced via mobile is limited in the first place.


The Drupal Gardens app is one example of a content producing app that takes advantage of the Drupal Create toolkit.

Learning Opportunities

Acquia is tackling this issue by open sourcing the Drupal Create codebase so developers can build their own versions of content producing apps. Features included are the ability to take advantage of device features like the camera or geolocation, and of course, any social media APIs.

Drupal Create

Drupal Create is built on top of the Drupal iOS software development kit, and was created by Drupal developer WorkHabit alongside Acquia. The free kit is available on GitHub and allows developers to customize their own Drupal apps like the Drupal Gardens app in the above image.

This release should prove to be a popular one, and at the very least should serve as springboard to deeper mobile integration with many Drupal based websites. We're looking forward to what developers will come up with, and we'd love to hear ideas for any iTouch based apps in particular. Tell us in the comments about your mobile content creation trials and what, if any, mobile device is best for such work.