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Communication, collaboration and social media governance platform Actiance released a new feature that allows a user to approve and review social content through multiple reviewers on Socialite, its social engagement and compliance product.

The update, designed for financial service companies such as FINRA, IIROC and SEC regulated firms, makes sure a post is approved and follows company and other content guidelines before being published.

Regulating Content

Social media for businesses needs to be treated as any other form of communication and held to the same guidelines. For example, a business would not mail a company letter before first proofing it through one or two sources. Actiance's Socialite sends social media posts through a review process before allowing them to go live. The company also wants to make sure that content meets any company and government guidelines on social media posting.

The increasing focus of FINRA to incorporate more spot checks on social further re- enforces its importance as a communications channel in the financial sector," says Sarah Carter, the general manager of Social Business at Actiance. "We have worked closely with customers and partners within the industry to remove perceived regulatory barriers and deliver this important capability. It puts social on a level with other forms of communication.”

This feature, which can be used by both small and large financial businesses, is  a multi-level review where users can add notes and reject or approve content in the pre-publication stage. Reviews can be done through desktop or laptop computers, on mobile devices and through email to ensure that everyone who needs to look over the content does.

What are Actiance and Socialite?

Socialite was developed to help users make a good impression across social media. More specifically, the solution helps employees navigate social media to build their company's brand and improve marketing efforts. Along with the new review feature Socialite, users also can see customer trends, have access to a collection of pre-approved content for publishing and enable others to post content for them if they are unable to.

Actiance, which was founded in 1998, also offers a variety of other products and services to help its clients be more socially engaging. It offers solutions which are broken down by business such as Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals and Government and by need such as e-Discovery. Its product line, in addition to Socialite, includes the Actiance Platform which combines all of the company's communication, collaboration and social networking products, and Vantage a management tool.