Cloud Web CMS provider Agility has announced a variety of new features and updates to simplify form creation, add security controls and fix previos bugs.

Every piece of technology, no matter how well it works, needs a tune-up every now and then. Agility did just that when it updated its web content management system with a variety of new features, aimed at adding security, simplifying form creation and easing navigation.

Form Builder, Passwords and Administrative Controls

The new Agility form builder is designed to simplify the way users create and publish forms, without having to rely on a developer. According the the company, with just a few clicks and design choices, users can publish forms to their website without using HTML code.

Users can create a variety of forms from user submitted content or templates provided by Agility. Sample forms include contact us, feedback and contests.

In addition to the form builder, Agility has also added a new, more secure password system and given its users more administrative control. The password system provides administrators with the choice of requiring three password levels: weak, medium and strong.

Another tool created to help navigation allows users to change the links within the navigation panel and to create custom links to any URL. Frequently accessed content can then be highlighted, making it easier for users to jump back and forth within the platform. 

Here an Update, There an Update

Adding new features isn't the only news worthy change to the Agility system, the company has also fixed a few tools that were having problems.

Desktop and mobile channels can now have a single domain for both, which not only makes the system more organized, but also provides more SEO capability. Other problems that have been fixed include language issues -- previously when changing an article from English to French, content categories remained in English. Lastly, users can now move files easily within the Media and Documents section.

Making Online Content Worthwhile

Founded in 2002, Agility which released a broadcast solution last year, is centered around a suite of products designed to “maximize the value of your online content” for publishers and media professionals -- which appears to be a good approach for most of its potential and current clients.

If you are a more established online publisher or a traditional print publisher looking for online options, more than likely, it is not price or technology that is holding you back, but your desire to work with a company that understands your business needs,” said Bryan Ruby in his review of the magazine publishing suite. “[So] if you're a magazine or niche publisher I especially recommend that you consider Agility and Agility's Magazine Suite as an option.”

In addition to their Web CMS platform and magazine suite, the company offers training services that include Web CMS Performance Tuning, Web CMS Support and resources such as the Unbound Media blog.