Vendors supporting the not quite approved HTML5 on mobile devices just increased by one. Customer engagement solution provider Alterian (news, site) has announced that its Content Manager Mobile solution has now includes an HTML5 Optimizer.

HTML5 In the Palm of Your Hand

There are two approaches to mobile development: native applications or mobile optimized websites. There multiple factors that prompt developers to choose one approach versus another. Those that choose to go the mobile website route also have to decide if they should support the latest and greatest technology like HTML5 or abandon the flashy features to ensure legacy device users can see the content. Alterian has made that decision a little easier.

HTML5 is a substantial upgrade to the HTML we all know and love. Developers have embraced it despite the fact that the standard is not yet officially approved. Although developers are enthusiastic about HTML5, the number of smartphones that support the standard is pretty much limited to iPhone, Android and Blackberry OS 6.

Alterian's HTML5 Optimiser

Alterian is making a jump on the competition and offering support for HTML5 on mobile. However, because the company realizes HTML5 is limited, the HTML5 Optimiser automatically updates the page to a lower version of HTML for mobile browsers that can’t render HTML5 pages -- without the developer doing any additional work. Users of Alterian will likely be pleased with the new capabilities given the growing number of people that access websites from mobile devices.

Although Alterian customers will benefit from this technology, Alterian did not develop the technology internally. The new solution leverages bemokoLive from mobile platform provider bemoko. The companies began working together over a year ago in January 2010 to develop a solution for providing compelling mobile content while simultaneously supporting the notoriously diverse mobile software and hardware market.
The new offering is based on three key principles:

  • Support a large number of devices: bemokLive recognizes over 12,000 mobile devices and personalizes content based on the features the mobile device supports.
  • Provide dynamic content: Alterian’s content manager allows non-technical users to instantly update dynamic content that is output to multiple display channels
  • Strong expert services: the companies engage with customers to ensure they optimize their investments in the new tools

Now that browsing on the go has grown to be an almost ubiquitous part of daily life, we are likely to see more vendors offering solutions similar to Alterian. For now however, it is a differentiator for the vendor.