While the road to designing and developing a mobile app is easier than it once was, it’s still not something that has become streamlined within organizations. Developing is hard enough, but when it comes to managing a mobile app’s content, there are challenges ahead.

If it wasn't so difficult, attendees everywhere wouldn't have to download a new conference app each year or be subject to out-of-date content, and mobile users wouldn't have to wait for a new update to be released just to access new staff directory.

Yes, managing the content of your mobile app has been difficult -- until now.


Mobile Content, Simplified

Thanks to the folks at AppGlu, organizations everywhere can benefit from its innovative new Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP), which gives business people direct control of their mobile apps after launch.

You heard that correctly -- updating your mobile app’s content is now as easy as accessing the AppGlu Control Center, editing and then publishing new app content. Users can also track content and user activity, and engage users with personalized content and targeted push marketing.

Sounds a lot like a content management system -- for a mobile app! It’s funny that something so basic could have been missing from the mobile app development process. Unless you had a bevvy of developers at your disposal, most organizations struggle to update their content when needed. Which is why the planning stages for developing, designing and writing a mobile app take FOREVER.


AppGlu recognized this and decided that the only way to help apps launch faster was to give access to their back-end so anyone with access could update its content, better understand the way people are engaging with it and evolve it naturally to meet the customer's needs.

Flexible Tools for Developers 

Project managers everywhere will enjoy the control that AppGlu gives them. But it's developers too who will feel a weight lifted off their shoulders.

AppGlu’s Content Sync Engine simplifies development by allowing developers to build back-end connected apps, as if they were regular local apps. The sync engine automatically handles data integration and synchronization between an app’s local storage and a professionally managed back-end.

Developers will like it because unlike existing MEAPs, AppGlu allows developers to continue using the native application development tools and frameworks of their choice. AppGlu provides lightweight SDKs for iOS, Android and HTML5 apps, and ready-to-run sample apps with full source code available for a variety of B2E, B2B and B2C applications.

Relax, It's Just a Mobile App

The next time some C-suite executive decides that a mobile app is just the thing, you can all take a big sigh of relief. No more having to get it perfectly right before it launches. Like websites before it, content development can be a more flexible process, designed to evolve naturally over time. AppGlu provides much needed flexibility and oversight to the mobile app management process that many companies will come to appreciate.