Apple Fixing iMessage Bug, But Retina Supply May Threaten iPad Mini Launch

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Apple is having a few gremlins with iOS 7, with its massive user base magnifying any issues, so expect a new iOS update very soon to fix that pesky iMessage bug. However, a far bigger problem could be a lack of retina screens for the new iPad mini. 

No Message In That Bottle?

Are you experiencing problems sending iMessages? Disable the feature and use SMS instead, or reset your network settings has been the immediate advice from Apple users around the world. But a due-any-moment-now iOS 7.0.3 update should provide a more permanent solution to the problem. That comes hot on the heels of 7.0.2 which fixed the passcode bypass issue.

Still, if that's the major issues with the new OS sorted, now in use with the majority of iPhone and iPad users, that's got to be seen as a pretty effective product launch. Sure, some people are apparently feeling sick when looking at the moving bubbles and zooming effects, but that's more of a human design flaw than an Apple problem. Even then, it can be solved by choosing the Reduce Motion option in Accessibility settings. 

Apple's iPhone 5S and 5C models sold some 9 million units on their launch weekend, now all eyes are now on the new iPads which have already been leaking parts to do similar business with an expected October launch in time for the shopping and holiday season. However, there may be a problem. 

Learning Opportunities

Failure to Resolve on Retina Displays?

Something Apple might have more trouble fixing is enough screens to launch the iPad mini second generation model. That's if rumors from the supply chain are true that it can't get enough retina-class screens from suppliers on time, or only in reduced numbers. That would cripple Apple's lynch pin for the holiday sales and give Amazon's Kindle Fire HDX and other new tablets that do offer retina-class screens a massive boost. 

Reuters is among those reporting on the story, all cloaked behind "sources" up and down the chain, which suggests there could be something more going on than the usual Chinese whispers, or does this emanate from people trying to manipulate the markets? Apple's stock has drifted down since the iPhone launch, but was sharply up yesterday, are the shorters ready to pounce on any bad news? 

As we've seen, Apple will only launch when it is good and ready (you know, aside from that Maps thing and a few others), so an early 2014 launch won't damage the company too much, given its notoriously loyal user base.

But the advantage this slide could give to others is a sizeable one, with Samsung, Google, Amazon and others all lining up hi-resolution low-to-mid cost tablets. Of course, Apple has massive leverage on the industry and could magic screens from somewhere, or this could be older news surfacing that is being resolved. Guess we'll find out when Apple next takes to the stage.