According to reports flooding the web today, Apple will show off its next iPhone (or iPhones) and possibly other devices in a month's time, heralding silly season for the press and possibly impacting the launches of other devices. Just one tip for Apple, make it interesting!

Save the Date

The usually reliable, and well-connected, folks on ATD are saying that Apple will show off the next-generation of iOS devices in just one month's time. This information comes handily to light as Apple faces new competition in the new Moto X and LG's G2. Coincidence? We think not. However, there's a problem that Apple needs to address, and its not the hardware or software.

The most interesting recent event in mobile was the launch of Nokia's Lumia 1020, which at least offers something genuinely different with its vast photographic power. Last week's LG G2 launch was so dull, it had already slipped from memory. So, whatever Apple has to show, assuming the date reports are accurate, please don't drag endless VPs of this, that and the other out to show off features. Please use Apple's legendary innovation to find a different way.

Apple usually announces its events a week before the show, so expect confirmation of this only in September, and the products usually start going on-sale a couple of weeks later, so start saving, selling organs or whatever is you you need to get your next Apple fix. Or, get ready to put up the blinds, turn off the Internet and book a holiday to the deep Gobi Desert if you're fed up of All Things Apple. 

Unwrapping Apple This Christmas?

Given the likelihood of a mid-range iPhone alongside the iPhone 5S or 6, Apple has a fine line to tread between protecting its margins at the high-end, and appealing to the masses who have picked up cheap Android or other devices elsewhere.  

Learning Opportunities

That will be some juggling act and one Apple will have to pull off in a wavering market where even the smartest phones are just phones and not God-like devices to be deified. Presumably, the company has some tricks and features in the lead model and iOS 7 that will keep the faithful paying the maximum to stay ahead of the pack.

Then there's the iPad, if the company has really struggled with production on the second-generation iPad mini, then Apple faces Christmas with an expensive lead product that is fighting a huge army of improved quality Androids from the likes of Amazon and Google, and even cheaper Windows Surface devices.

Breaking the Presenation Mold

But, back the big question, how can Apple blow the doors off this event? We've already seen iOS 7 rev up through the gears of the beta tests, and there's only so much that it can do with any phone and tablet, even a flexible, see-through model. Which leaves the iNext devices, the iWatch and iTV (which is a U.K. TV company, established some 50 years ago, should Apple try and trademark that).

Tim Cook has continually hinted these are for 2014, but you have to wonder if Apple will give a hint, if only to drive headlines beyond the usual iPhone drone. Probably not, but it would be nice to live in hope that Apple can find a way around the by-the-numbers presentations that are losing their impact by the second.